Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chocolate Agave

Shhhhh..... don't tell--- someone I love is getting this in their Christmas stocking.

Winter training

So, I've enjoyed over two months of running... injury free! Exactly one month post marathon, I lost my first toenail. Surprisingly, I've managed to keep the other 9. I know this is probably something you don't really want to know but, ha... its just a blog!

I don't really know what it is but since the marathon I've been pushing it harder than before. Maybe its knowing I came so close to breaking 4 hours, maybe its finally having a break from IT Band pain, or possibly I'm just enjoying the exhilaration of running harder, and faster... improving a tiny bit at a time.

The last two weeks here have been freezing. I've found myself on the treadmill more than want to. Treadmill running sucks! Really, I don't understand why its so very hard. I can hold a faster pace outside and enjoy but indoors my legs are fatigued, totally sweaty, and light headed. What's up with that? Is it that the treadmill uses different muscles and I am actually really out of shape?

I've been trying to mix some of my P.I.N.K. workouts and P90X into the mix. I tried Plyometrics last week for the first time. It totally kicks... gives you that good burn for several days.

I've registered for two spring half marathons.... Canyonlands and Ogden. I'm super excited!