Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The lack of my blogging is in no way a reflection of my running. Since I've been working and Crew is getting more demanding in several ways I've found that something had to give. So, unfortunately the blog has been put on the back burner.

My running, however, has been consistent this summer. 95% of my runs have been in the dark and most have been alone. I've started long runs as early as 3AM so I can get 20 miles in before work. I've really enjoyed following a training program this summer and I've only missed 2 or 3 runs in the 10 or so weeks that I started official marathon training.

I have been seeing the chiropractor about every 3 weeks for muscle work... my Achilles, ITB, and my calves. This is much better than the 2X a week visits I made last year and the 4 weeks of pool running which replaced last years training plan.

My body is getting use to this and it feels great.
July mileage: 181 miles
August mileage: 192 miles

This week is a stepdown week which is a very good thing. My run today left me feeling very sick. I've been up with the boy for several hours each night and decided to skip the morning run and hit the reservoir trail after work. Skipping my morning run rarely works to my advantage. Also, I think I'm catching a bug and the run was miserable. However, I was able to do 7 X 800 with 400 meter recoveries at sub 7 minute pace. It was the middle of the day, hot and windy. I wanted to puke but wasn't so lucky;) Glad that's over with. Total distance with warm up and cool down- 7 miles.

Two more 6 milers this week, a 5 and an easy 12 miler.

Next week I peak at something over 50 miles and then marathon taper begins. I can't believe how fast this marathon is approaching. Yeah!