Friday, October 1, 2010

Pre-Marathon Jitters

They say its critical to sleep well the night before the night before the marathon. Tomorrow I am running St. George. While I did get a pretty good nights sleep it wasn't a solid 8 hours or even 7. My biological clock cannot get over the fact that for the past 4 months I have consistently gotten up before 5.

My second marathon, my second St. George. I know this time what I am getting into!

I could leave you with a page of self doubts but knowing how important the mental aspect is of running 26.2 I'm focusing on what I know. Here are some positive thoughts or comments that have been sent in my direction:

"Trust your training"
"You've got this"
"I'm praying for you"
"You will do awesome"
"I'm proud of you"

Also, I think I will write on my arm where I need to fuel with gel and salt stick, alternately. I remember from last year that I lose my brain out there somewhere on the course and can't remember when/where I took my last gel. I only used two gets and a few sports beans last year and it just wasn't enough to keep from bonking.

My goal this year is to just be strong enough at the end to actually pass someone rather than getting passed by hundreds of other runners.

Time to get the car packed;)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The lack of my blogging is in no way a reflection of my running. Since I've been working and Crew is getting more demanding in several ways I've found that something had to give. So, unfortunately the blog has been put on the back burner.

My running, however, has been consistent this summer. 95% of my runs have been in the dark and most have been alone. I've started long runs as early as 3AM so I can get 20 miles in before work. I've really enjoyed following a training program this summer and I've only missed 2 or 3 runs in the 10 or so weeks that I started official marathon training.

I have been seeing the chiropractor about every 3 weeks for muscle work... my Achilles, ITB, and my calves. This is much better than the 2X a week visits I made last year and the 4 weeks of pool running which replaced last years training plan.

My body is getting use to this and it feels great.
July mileage: 181 miles
August mileage: 192 miles

This week is a stepdown week which is a very good thing. My run today left me feeling very sick. I've been up with the boy for several hours each night and decided to skip the morning run and hit the reservoir trail after work. Skipping my morning run rarely works to my advantage. Also, I think I'm catching a bug and the run was miserable. However, I was able to do 7 X 800 with 400 meter recoveries at sub 7 minute pace. It was the middle of the day, hot and windy. I wanted to puke but wasn't so lucky;) Glad that's over with. Total distance with warm up and cool down- 7 miles.

Two more 6 milers this week, a 5 and an easy 12 miler.

Next week I peak at something over 50 miles and then marathon taper begins. I can't believe how fast this marathon is approaching. Yeah!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smithfield HD 10K

This weekend left me alone due to fathers/son's campout. A 10K in my old high school community drew my attention... I couldn't resist and signed up. I don't mind running races alone but its nice to go to/from the race with someone. I tried making small talk with some of the other runners and I got some weird looks, like "I don't know you, why are you talking to me?" Just minutes before the race I recognized a fellow blogger/runner who was so sweet and I talked with her for a second before taking off. I love meeting other bloggers and she is an amazing triathlete.

The course was tougher than I expected. I thought it was an out and back course so when I hit the turnaround at the top of the hill I thought it was downhill from there. Little did I know we would be diverted with 1.5 miles to go... up a steep hill and and back down another steep hill. It really took all I had. Finished with a PR of 47:19. 13th place overall and 8th among women.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Staying Strong

This year so far has been different in many ways but one thing that stands out in my mind is this new found passion for running that my spouse has found. There are only a few hours in the evening really when Carl and I are home at the same time. There are piano lessons, scouts, homework, dinner and the constant juggle to keep the littlest of the three contentedly happy. Even with bills to pay, doctor and therapy updates and various non-desirable topics to discuss with Carl, I've found our conversations constantly directed to our common interest of running.... when we're not running that is:) Yes, it's true. Runners really are a boring bunch- if you ask a non-runner. My observations conclude that while running, runners will talk about anything but running. When not running, all we want to talk about is running.

Personally, I think it annoys the heck out of a lot of people but you know what- I don't really care! Carl and I have found something in common. It may have taken 12 years to find it but that just makes it even better. The other day one of the boys said, "When you two are together all you talk about is running". We tried to explain that it definitely wasn't true that we talk about the boys when we are alone, our church callings, home stuff, etc. However, we tried to explain how important it is to have something in common with a spouse in order to keep your relationship strong.

My constant chatter about running... distance, times and splits, strategy, training programs etc. is mostly limited to those who I know or think may be interested which basically involves only others who run.

This year has been different in other ways too! While I have kept details regarding every run, I have not added it all together. I don't know how much I run every week, month, nor have I kept a running total for the year. Did that last year and it was a lot of fun but this year I'm trying to stay in tune with my body. Looking at the totals on paper makes me want to get out and do more regardless of looming injuries or whatnot which is not a healthy way to do things.

March was my first 1/2 Marathon in almost a year. I went down to Moab with some friends, five of us, and we ran the 1/2. Due to different paces and goals we all ran separately but the trip was spectacular. Can't wait to do it again next year. I wasn't really nervous this time. I didn't know what to expect with the course and so I didn't set any time goals. I actually think that may have helped me have a better run. I kept the pace constant only stopping for water/gatorade and walked away with a PR (1:46:42).

Next on the schedule: Ogden 1/2 Marathon- May 15th!
Oh, and cross your fingers for me... I'm really hoping to get in on the St. George lottery.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My First 10K

Can you believe I have never officially ran a 10K? Somehow I went from 5K to half marathon. It doesn't seem like there are a lot of 10K's in our area. I've wondered many times how I would do in a 10K.

Last year when I was training for my marathon my chiropractor specifically advised against running any races or doing speedwork. I was mainly trying to maintain some level of fitness and avoid further injury.

The past couple months have been great. I've been running injury free. I actually started slipping in some speedwork and have been excited to see some of it paying off.

Carl is running the Striders Winter Circuit this year. Having not raced for almost a year, I decided it was time to give it a try. At the last minute I registered for the 10k, a brutal hilly course. It was a nice clear morning... quite cold too! As soon as we got there I turned on my Garmin only to find it registering "0" hours of battery left. I turned it off and waited until we were lined up to start it again. I was hoping to get at least a couple miles out of it.

I had heard the route was hilly but I didn't actually look at an elevation chart or anything. We started off with a little hill and then it was down hill for the next 3 miles. My watched turned off during the first 1/2 mile. I jumped in behind some guy and set my pace to his. I knew I was running faster than I should but I really wanted to see what I could do. At the 3 mile mark I realized we would be running back up the hills we just came down.... just over a block.

I was holding a real good pace up those hills until mile marker 5. My muscles were screaming and I actually walked 30 feet or so. That last hill was so long you couldn't really see where it ended. It sure was exciting to finally see the top of the hill knowing there was a short downhill from there to the finish line. My speedwork has been great and I gave it a little kick there at the end.... 50:38 (8:09 avg). Hubby came in at 54:11;)

5th place in my age group
22nd female
94th overall out of 400 runners.
Total climb: 534 ft.
Total elevation change: 1063 ft.

I'm good with that:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My cold weather attitude is much improved this year. I realized there isn't anything I can do to change the temps short of moving south so... I've decided to jump in with both feet and embrace
it;) The last couple of weeks have been interesting- dodging snow banks, and ice patches. Carl spent a couple bucks on a bag of screws and with our homemade, awesome grippy shoes we are able to confidently run outside through snow, slush, or ice. There's No Excuses now!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chocolate Agave

Shhhhh..... don't tell--- someone I love is getting this in their Christmas stocking.