Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My cold weather attitude is much improved this year. I realized there isn't anything I can do to change the temps short of moving south so... I've decided to jump in with both feet and embrace
it;) The last couple of weeks have been interesting- dodging snow banks, and ice patches. Carl spent a couple bucks on a bag of screws and with our homemade, awesome grippy shoes we are able to confidently run outside through snow, slush, or ice. There's No Excuses now!


  1. The roads have been really treacherous lately! Why didn't I think of your good idea? I'm going to share it with my in laws. Thanks! I haven't found a team yet to join for the Wasatch Back. Do you think we could get enough together to form a team? Will it be as fun as last year? Will I like everyone as much as last year and will they like me? Get back to me. I'd really like to do it again!

  2. Wow! Great idea. Cheaper than yak trax. I have had exactly the same thoughts about wasatch back, but would defenitely take my chances again.

  3. Running shoes with studs . . . now THAT is awesome!

    Happy Running.

  4. Hey, I'm a mom of 3 (1 girl, 2 boys). Middle son has autism. Runnin' again since 2007...Same sort of story...love my kids, so must take time for me. Takes a while to figure that out, huh? I run in the snow/ice too. Nice to see a fellow cold, running mommy.

  5. Great idea! I think I need to do this, I'm so tired of the treadmill.


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