Sunday, May 9, 2010

Smithfield HD 10K

This weekend left me alone due to fathers/son's campout. A 10K in my old high school community drew my attention... I couldn't resist and signed up. I don't mind running races alone but its nice to go to/from the race with someone. I tried making small talk with some of the other runners and I got some weird looks, like "I don't know you, why are you talking to me?" Just minutes before the race I recognized a fellow blogger/runner who was so sweet and I talked with her for a second before taking off. I love meeting other bloggers and she is an amazing triathlete.

The course was tougher than I expected. I thought it was an out and back course so when I hit the turnaround at the top of the hill I thought it was downhill from there. Little did I know we would be diverted with 1.5 miles to go... up a steep hill and and back down another steep hill. It really took all I had. Finished with a PR of 47:19. 13th place overall and 8th among women.