Thursday, June 25, 2009

Energizer Runnies

It's been a good 5 days since I participated in Utah's Ragnar Relay. Normally, I would rush right to my computer eager to document the event but this time I've wanted to cherish the experience for a little longer. The experience is mine to hold onto.... it has left me completely speechless and only through my little heart can I even begin to share it with you. I've read the race reports of several teammates which have made me laugh hard and cry at the same time. Don't you love that feeling:)
I first heard about the Wasatch Back just over a year ago and I decided then that if I ever had the opportunity to participate I would surely jump at the chance. Because the little people in my computer are as real to me as my next door neighbor, I didn't hesitate when a group of mommy bloggers decided to form a team for the relay. Over six months ago, I paid my money and signed up to join a group of women runners who I had never met. All winter long I trained to run my spring half marathons but each and every time I ran I had the "Wasatch Back" in the "back" of my mind and boy was I excited!
Before the team was finalized I reconnected with a very dear friend and invited her to join in the fun. Much to my dismay she agreed which made me very happy..... I know, I know.... sometimes I really surprise myself...realizing I do in fact have Real Life Friends (RLF). Ha ha!

As the time for the race approached we organized everything via Internet. Details like food and leg assignments had to be divided up and at the last minute we decided van decorations and costumes were needed.
Friday morning came and I was a little nervous to meet these women. When we met together for brunch and threw together our decor it didn't take long for me to feel at ease. I met Sarai, Jen, Tancy, Angie and reunited with my friend Cameo. You know, sometimes I have those moments when I realize that even though life is freakin' difficult and I struggle, I am EQUALLY blessed by the people who come into my life. Honestly, I can't explain how inspired and impressed I was with these new friends. Truly, they are amazing women and I can't fathom how lucky I was to get matched up with the five of them.

Over the next 30 hours and 2 minutes we learned quite a bit about each other and I'm quite certain that ALL of them know a tad bit more about me than they would like to;)

** to be continued