Friday, October 1, 2010

Pre-Marathon Jitters

They say its critical to sleep well the night before the night before the marathon. Tomorrow I am running St. George. While I did get a pretty good nights sleep it wasn't a solid 8 hours or even 7. My biological clock cannot get over the fact that for the past 4 months I have consistently gotten up before 5.

My second marathon, my second St. George. I know this time what I am getting into!

I could leave you with a page of self doubts but knowing how important the mental aspect is of running 26.2 I'm focusing on what I know. Here are some positive thoughts or comments that have been sent in my direction:

"Trust your training"
"You've got this"
"I'm praying for you"
"You will do awesome"
"I'm proud of you"

Also, I think I will write on my arm where I need to fuel with gel and salt stick, alternately. I remember from last year that I lose my brain out there somewhere on the course and can't remember when/where I took my last gel. I only used two gets and a few sports beans last year and it just wasn't enough to keep from bonking.

My goal this year is to just be strong enough at the end to actually pass someone rather than getting passed by hundreds of other runners.

Time to get the car packed;)


  1. Good luck, Mel! You really will do great! You have trained so hard and you're such a strong runner. Even though you might have some doubts, I don't. Have fun! And I'll be thinking of you!

  2. I am so excited for yoU! You will do awesome! The salt stick sounds interesting. You will have to tell me about it. I guess it's for cramping right?
    GOOD LUCK GIRL!!! Enjoy each step! Even the painful ones! I will keep you in my prayers!

  3. Yay for St. George being the second marathon for both of us. Good luck!! You will do amazing.

  4. Hey Mel, if you would ask that guy what shoes he wears, that would be great. Thanks!


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