Monday, July 13, 2009

Workin' It

I'm a month into my marathon training program for St. George and it seems to be going good so far. I'm learning that there really is a purpose to every run and I'm careful not to cheat on any of my workouts. So, far I've completed long runs up to 14 miles which is the farthest I've ever ran. This Saturday is a 16 miler, yikes.. that makes me nervous!

Everyday is spent reading up on proper nutrition (thanks for the book Jen) and training tips. Carl has printed off several articles on the importance of running HILLS! Hills are suppose to make you faster and stronger. Last week I included hills into two of my workouts. One of the hills is over a mile long with a 6% grade. I made it to the top without stopping which was a first for me.

We finally got a bike trailer for Crew and he is addicted. Every spare minute is spent with him getting towed around. He LOVES it! Carl, Stock, and I have to take turns pulling him around because its so exhausting at some point.

Also, I'm starting Week 3 of the P.I.N.K workout. It's a great, short workout to add in at the end of the day or whenever I can squeeze it in. Well, with the running, biking, and strength training I'm feeling it. One thing I really need to work on is getting enough sleep:)


  1. I saw you in my Bloggy Pack and thought I would drop in. CONGRATS on starting Marathon training. The 16 miler will be great!! And KEEP with those hills, I did not do enough in my training and paid for it.

    All the best in your journey.

  2. Mel, you're gonna do great! You have such a good base and you're really fast. You're gonna have to take me on your hill. I need it!

  3. That's great you got into St. George. I think I'm going to make my first marathon Las Vegas in December. That pink workout looks cool. You should continue to post about the results.:)

  4. I loved training for my first marathon because almost every time I did a long run, it was a PR in distance. Seeing those numbers climb on the schedule is daunting, but it makes all the more of an empowering feeling when you knock them out... one mile at a time.

    They say hills are speedwork in disguise, so keep running them! I've taken a little bit of a break from hills after Wasatch Back but I'll be tackling them again very soon.


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