Friday, July 17, 2009

16 Miler, CHECK!

I decided to move my long run up a day since tomorrow I'm acting as the "athletic supporter" for one of our favorite races. Stock, Carl, & Hammer are running a 4.7 miler around the local reservoir.

I wanted to get out and running by 5:00 am but I underestimated how long it takes to get ready for a long run. Also, I spent way too much time looking for my ipod which was missing from ITS' place. I couldn't find it (brain doesn't work that early in the morning) so I set out for my 16 miler in a bad mood. About 1/2 mile into my run it came to me quite clearly exactly where I left the ipod last time I used it. Come to find out I couldn't even place the blame on my 9 year old.... turned around, ran home. I found it sitting on the treadmill right where I left it during Thursday's awful 6 miler which took place on the treadmill while listening to two episodes of Signing Time. Talk about boring and painful! I haven't hit the mill since last march. On a good note I did learn a few new signs and I completed my tempo run.

Oh ya, back to the long run.... I hit the road again. Took a GU after an hour and a second one 45 minutes later. My legs were screaming off and on the whole way. That's normal right? I tried out my new headband from Bondiband.... LOVE it! Finished my last mile going up hill, 2 hours 33 minutes. Average pace 9:35, which is the same exact average pace that I ran my 14 miler two weeks ago.

Immediately took an ice bath, glutamine, and creatine. I feel pretty good and those 4 new blisters don't look to bad really. I still can't believe I did it, 16 miles, another mileage PR.


  1. It's a great feeling, huh? Way to go!

  2. Thanks 4 the link to the headbands. So cute! Congrats on a great run. 16 miles is a feat.

  3. YAY!!! That's such an amazing feeling. I remember when I was training for my first marathon I was just overwhelmed every time I hit a new mileage PR. It's such a neat process, I'm proud of you and very excited to live like a marathon virgin through you! You never get your first marathon experience back. :)

    Ps, if you have a webcam I'm more than happy to go over signs with you or teach you more. Let me know.

  4. Way to go Mel! I guess you won't be joining us tomorrow. Are those the same headbands that Cameo had during the Wasatch Back? I've sure thought about those everytime I have to wipe the sweat out of my eyes. You're doing awesome!

  5. Ice bath, so cool and uncomfortable but so worth it.
    good job on the long run


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